Analytics and Reporting

Track your video interviewing efforts and use reporting functions to optimize your strategy.

Easy-to-use analytics for quick insights

Spark Hire’s modern analytics dashboard lets you filter charts and tables containing your account metrics based on job and date ranges.

Get key stats on your efforts

See a visual breakdown of statistics related to interview type, interview status, conversion rates, and more.

Key Stats

Learn more about your hiring process

See an overview of how you’re rating candidates’ video interviews and filter this data by job or date range to get more granular.

Current Ratings

Know why you’re rejecting candidates

See a breakdown of the reasons you’re rejecting candidates and how often you’re selecting those as reasons for rejection.

Candidate Rejection Data

Download filtered data with a click

When filtering your list views within Spark Hire, you have the option to download the data in .csv format with the click of a button.

Download Reports

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