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Take the hassle out of scheduling interviews by empowering candidates to seamlessly book with you based on your calendar availability.

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Avoid back-and-forth

Candidates view your availability and select a time that works for them.

Don’t worry about
time zones

Interviewing long-distance candidates? Time zones are automatically accounted for.

Schedule appointments
in bulk

Upload a spreadsheet of candidates you need to schedule interviews with and invite them to select a time with a single click.

Solve more appointment
scheduling challenges

The comprehensive scheduling tool can be used for more than just interviews. Book meetings with clients, colleagues, and more.

How our interview scheduling software works

Connect your calendar

Our online interview scheduler supports the most popular calendar applications including iCloud, Google, Office 365, Exchange, and

Connecting your calendar is quick and easy. You'll be up and running within a few clicks.

Spark Hire Interview Scheduling Tool

Customize your settings

Create different types of events with unique settings.

Landing Page: Configure the content that appears on your scheduling page along with which calendars are taken into consideration.

Event Types: Create different types of events and customize the settings for each event type individually.

Email Notifications: Choose what content is sent to candidates requesting meetings with you.

Availability: Specify when you're available on each day of the week.

Customize Interview Scheduling Software

Custom scheduling page

Candidates view your availability and select a time on your branded scheduling page.

Branded Landing Page

Your scheduling page is branded with your organization's color and logo along with your personal avatar picture.

Synchronized Availability

Your availability will be displayed in the candidate's time zone.

Instant Requests

Candidates simply select a time, enter their information, and a request gets sent to you via email.

Interview Scheduling Software Page

Review requested events

Manage all of your events from an intuitive dashboard.

Easily review, accept, decline, cancel, and reschedule in one place. You'll also have a historical log of all interviews that have been booked through Spark Hire.

Interview Scheduling Event Management
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