Interview Evaluation

Determine which candidates you like best, organize your shortlists, and easily get back to candidates that don’t make it to the next round.

Evaluate Video Interview

Evaluate video interviews quickly to increase speed to hire

Leverage a suite of powerful tools help you streamline and structure how you advance candidates in your process.

Review interviews with ease

Filter your list of interviews and quickly review candidates interviewing for the same job.

Filter Video Interviews

Provide your instant evaluation

Submit a rating on a 5-star scale and compare it to the overall team rating for the interview.

Rate Video Interviews

Build your candidate shortlist

Sort your video interviews by a team rating to identify which candidates you should advance to the next round.

Sort Video Interviews

Facilitate thoughtful discussions

Post comments to a feed for a specific interview so your teammates can see your notes when viewing the same interview.

Comment on Video Interviews

Organize your video interviews

Apply tags to interviews as a way to group video interviews together and organize your library.

Organize Video Interviews

Improve rejection documentation

Reject a candidate after reviewing their video interview and document why they are not advancing in your hiring process.

Reject Candidates

Get back to candidates

Send an email to candidates when you reject them to ensure a positive candidate experience and no candidate’s video interview goes into a blackhole.

Candidate Rejection Templates

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Evaluate your candidates in hyperspeed

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