Open Interview

Personalize your interview invitations and empower candidates to self-register so you can “always be interviewing.”

Ways to use your Open Interview link

There are an endless number of ways to apply the open interview to your hiring.

Personalized messages

Include the link in a personalized email to the candidates you’d like to advance to the one-way video interview stage of your hiring process.

Autoresponder emails

Merge the link in an autoresponder email so candidates know the next step of your hiring process after applying is a one-way video interview.

On your website

Place the link on your website so candidates can self-register for one-way video interviews with you 24/7.

Broadcast to social media

Leverage Spark Hire’s social media integration feature to connect your social networks and post your open interview link directly to them.

Career fairs

Print your open interview link on brochures or business cards that you hand out at career fairs so candidates can complete one-way video interviews for you after the event.

How Open Interviews work

An Open Interview is a more flexible way to invite candidates to complete one-way video interviews for you.

Create your one-way video interview questions

Generate a series of text or video-based interview questions that your candidates will record video responses to.

Create Video Interview Questions

Set an absolute or relative deadline

Determine how long a candidate has to complete the interview - this can be a strict date and time or a relative number of days.

Set Video Interview Deadline

Share your open interview link

Get your short open interview link that you can use to invite candidates to a one-way video interview through any medium.

Share Open Interview Link

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