Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Video Interviewing For HR: Making Hiring Human Again

Do you ever feel like your hiring process is a little…out dated? Inefficient? Impersonal? If so, perhaps it is time to look into an innovative and effective solution like video interviewing. Video interviewing for HR brings your candidates to life with recorded responses to questions that you can come back to at any time throughout your process.

  • Enhance the traditional resume and phone screen
  • Save time and money
  • Improve hiring collaboration

There’s no doubt there are many tools out there to help with the hiring process. Working with social media, online classified ads, jobs boards and job searching mobile apps are now very present in the day-to-day tasks of a hiring professional. That’s just where the hiring world is today. But where is the hiring world going?

With all of this automation, some may feel the current hiring process is lacking human touch. With video interviewing solutions for HR, hiring becomes human once again.

Enhance the Resume with Video Interviewing

Out of sight out of mind, right? Sifting through hundreds of resumes can be time consuming, repetitive, and inefficient. Inefficient in the sense that it is pretty easy to toss out great talent by simply assessing the candidate by what they put on paper. But what about personality, enthusiasm, or professionalism? Characteristics you can only evaluate when meeting face-to-face, or virtually? With video interviewing, your candidates are right there in front of you, which not only makes it easier to remember candidates, but also gives more opportunity for the candidates to stand out from the rest.

By actually seeing candidates via video interviews, hiring managers are better able to make a connection with the resume. I mean let’s be serious, how similar do resumes look? White paper, black ink, bullet point, text, bullet point, text, OH! This candidate is interested in gardening, bullet point, text. It starts looking all the same after awhile.

Video interviewing for HR allows hiring managers to put a face to the name on the paper. After all, how are hiring managers supposed to “see” greatness and potential through paper anyway? By enhancing the resume, video interviewing is used to help assess hiring needs, select the right candidates, and help retain top-notch talent.

You may be asking yourself what about discrimination and compliance? Well, in fact, video interviewing is not seen as a discriminatory procedure. In terms of risk, video interviewing for HR is simply a tool to enhance your process, and doesn't break discrimination laws, infringe upon employee rights, or undermine diverse hiring practices.

BONUS Content: Learn about video interviewing myths in our whitepaper, 10 Video Interviewing Myths Debunked.

Phone Screening—Is There a Better Way?

While the phone screen is still being used by nearly all hiring professionals, video interviewing is enhancing the initial phone screen. Now, instead of calling all of your candidates, why not only call the ones you are confident in pursuing? The traditional phone call still has its place in the hiring process; however, there is a new and improved time by which HR is using this method.

Give one-way or live video interviews a try for a more personal approach to screening candidates. Use the one-way interview before the phone screen or use the live interview as a phone screen replacement. While a traditional phone screen might be mandatory for some hiring professionals, utilizing this method early on in the hiring process is not effective.

Video interviewing for HR as a form of early screening is by far more effective and allows employers to gain more insight on candidates. Plus, with the ability to share video interviews with team members, internal collaboration has never been easier than Spark Hire’s comment and rating system. With these tools, HR can better validate their hires. Video interviews bring life to the screening process so hiring professionals can make better hiring decisions in order to retain employees for the long run.

In a way, video interviews allow hiring managers to “hear” what is not said when viewing text responses. Video interviewing for HR combines the benefits of the phone screen and the in-person interview to further evaluate candidate’s skills, attitudes and personalities.

How to Adjust Your Hiring Process With Video Interviews

It isn’t hard to see that the traditional hiring process needs to be advanced. And the transition is easy with simple video interviewing software. By adjusting the hiring process and implementing video interviewing early on, HR professionals are able to come to better hiring decisions, in a lot less time and ultimately make hiring HUMAN again.

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