Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Why Interviewing Online Is The Future

The year is 3033 and our alien overlords need to hire a new overseer of Earth. Are they going to fly him all the way from the planet Blorgon for an interview? Of course not! It’s online video to the rescue!

Sure, this scenario might seem a little far-fetched but it’s hard to deny the popularity of online video. For instance over four billion videos are viewed per day just on YouTube alone. That’s a lot of video being consumed! It’s hard not to see online video as the wave of the future for both job seekers and employers.

Video interviewing is the future of the hiring process. Let’s look at some reasons why your future selves will be thanking you for jumping onto the virtual interview bandwagon!


Who wants to be tied to a schedule all the time? Video interviewing allows you to recruit or interview on the go! For instance, Spark Hire offers a convenient video interviewing mobile app allowing job seekers to record One-Way Interviews no matter where they are. Now you can view your top candidates from a boardroom, a train car or even poolside! What’s more futuristic than recruiting from the surf?


The one thing most likely to go unchanged in the future is the need for cost-saving business practices. Even our alien bosses will be worried about the bottom line. Online video interviews are a great way to save money. For one, they free up more time by making even the toughest to reach passive candidates available at the click of a button. They also cut travel cost by as much as 67 percent. Now employers and job seekers can get the face time they crave without anyone needing to buckle up for takeoff.


If you’re concerned about the future then you should be thinking about the environment. With global warming and greenhouse gases the environment suffers every time someone has to fight traffic to get to an interview or when you fly out a candidate. Online interviewing is a great way to show planet earth you care. After all, what’s more green than finding the perfect candidate without needing them to leave home?

Embracing Visuals

Visual media is the wave of the future. The popularity of social networking sites and apps like Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram show text alone isn’t the answer. After all a picture is worth a thousand words, even online. Using virtual interviews allows you to see and hear from your candidates faster and evaluate whether the candidate is right for the position.

For the job seeker, online interviewing allows them to demonstrate those all-important communication skills with ease. Now you can put all your drive, ambition, and personality on display earlier in the hiring process. As an employer, video interviews are building a faster bridge between posting the job and finding the perfect candidate. If doing things faster and more effectively isn’t futuristic, I don’t know what is! (But the Blorgons might.)

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